• Transportation by road
  • Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Forwarding services
  • Customs and insurance services
  • Oversize and heavy cargo transportation
  • Package cargo transportation

W&E FORWARD Company provides a range of cargo forwarding services. It makes sense to order the forwarding service accompanied by consolidated, dangerous or expensive cargo, in this case the forwarding agent will be obliged to track the preparation of the cargo for dispatching, placing it in the vehicle, storing in specialized warehouses, transshipment in the port (if necessary) from one mode of transport to another one. Movement and clearance of such cargo is regulated by special rules and provisions, availability of trained and attested personnel is required.
Port cargo forwarding by W&E FORWARD Company is an efficient exchange of information with the customer at all stages of cargo clearance at the customs authorities and state services, as well as the direct participation and cooperation of the forwarding agent with port services and divisions in order to provide high-quality and timely service.

We Offer

  • Cargo delivery organization << from door-to-door >>
  • Cargo transportation by standard and non-standard vehicles
  • Car transportation in Russia, CIS and Europe
  • Traffic routes optimization and transportation costs
  • Cargo movement monitoring
  • Cargo insurance

Use goods forwarding services by «W&E FORWARD» Company during domestic and international transportation! This provides optimization of costs with high-quality transportation of cargo.