• Transportation by road
  • Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Forwarding services
  • Customs and insurance services
  • Oversize and heavy cargo transportation
  • Package cargo transportation

Multimodal transportation is a cargo transportation carried out within the framework of an agreement using different modes of transport.
So, air, railway, sea and car transport can be simultaneously involved during the combined transportation.
The main advantage of the multimodal transportation is that it is carried out by one cargo forwarding company.
Thus, the cost of services, the time spent on working out the optimal route and resolving contentious issues are reduced. Full financial and legal liability for the cargo transportation and preservation is also borne by one company.
Today, it is due to multimodal transportation that we are able to implement “from door-to-door” delivery principle, competently combining vehicles and reducing the customer’s time expenditures and financial costs. Combined cargo transportation enables us to deliver the cargo to any place of the world and transfer it directly to the cargo receiver.

We Offer

  • << from door-to-door >> principle
  • Time and money saving
  • Cargo delivery to any distances
  • Customs declaration and document formalization at customs
  • cargo insurance and customs services

Our specialists develop a cargo transportation route for you, taking into consideration all requirements and they control each stage of transportation.