• Transportation by road
  • Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Forwarding services
  • Customs and insurance services
  • Oversize and heavy cargo transportation
  • Package cargo transportation

AIR TRANSPORTATION is the quickest way to carry out international transportation. This delivery method is preferred for reliability and speed among others that is particularly important for perishable cargo or goods requiring transportation in a short time. Air transportation is particularly actively used during international transportation. Air transportation can significantly reduce the total time of cargo delivery and solves the problem of cargo transportation at almost any place on the globe.

We Offer

  • Oversize cargo
  • Heavy cargo
  • Dangerous goods, including:
    Document formalization
    Shipping documents
  • Payment of tariff
  • Routing
  • Informing the customer about cargo location

Our company guarantees not only efficiency and preservation of the transported cargo but also provides comfortable service and ensures strict process control. The goods will be delivered safe and intact to the destination place.

Professional service, regular market monitoring, work modernization, introduction of innovative technologies allow our company to improve the work quality and render services on high-quality cargo air transportation.