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We offer you the information about the unloaded and free transport to our terminals.
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Company W&E FORWARD works in the market of the international transport services since 1992. During with 1992 for 1999 we rendered only forwarding services. next >
Warehouse services
(in the Europe and Russia)

  • Consolidation of cargoes, and also foodstuffs
  • An opportunity of warehousing of the cargo going on different kinds of packing container
  • Any kinds of loading-unloading works (mechanized, manual by means of auto-loaders and special adaptations)
  • Use of system of the exact account of the stored goods
  • Modern ways of processing of the information, carrying out tracking and coordination of cargo streams
  • All kinds packing works
  • Documentary registration

    Forwarding services

  • The organization of delivery of cargoes “from a door up to a door”
  • Transportations of cargoes in standard and special containers
  • Autotransportations on Russia, the CIS and the Europe
  • Optimization of routes of movement and cost of transportation
  • Monitoring movement of cargoes
  • Insurance of cargoes

    Customs services

  • Consultations concerning foreign trade activities
  • Precomputation of customs payments
  • Viewing and preparation of documents necessary for customs registration
  • Declaring the goods and vehicles
  • Registration and the control of the documentation over individual requirements of the client

    Automobile transportations

  • Transportations on supersize awning machines up to 120 cube
  • Refrigerator transportations (food stuffs and other perishable products)
  • Container transportations
  • Multimodal transportations
  • Transportation of small-sized cargoes
  • Transfer of trailers (provides economy of time and safety of a cargo)
  • The control over delivery of cargoes

    Sea transportations

  • Container transportations
  • Intraport dispatch
  • Full document circulation
  • Loading-unloading works
  • The intermodal/combined transportations

    Railroad freight

  • Processing a complete set of the railroad documentation at the railroad stations
  • Developing and obtaining approval for cargo loading and fastening procedures at any railroad equipment
  • Provision of the railroad equipment with prior preparation
  • Railroad tariff payment
  • Tracking the railroad wagons and containers while en route with daily reports to the client on the current location

    Air shipment

  • Outsized cargo
  • Heavy cargo
  • Shipping documentation (waybills) paperwork
  • Tariff payment
  • Keeping the client informed of the cargo current location
  • Here you can fill out the application form for shipping. What more will your information, the better we can formulate a response to its decision.

    Our company has own park of machines allowing to the full to satisfy the requirement of customers. We use machines of mark MAN: awning (from 86 cube. up to 120 cube.) and refrigerators 84 cube of m.
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